sarah tiffany king

Las Vegas Fine Artist Sarah Tiffany King was born in Portland Oregon, and studied at the University of Las Vegas, NV graduating with a BA in Fine Art, focused in painting. Sarah has a Masters Degree in Education.

Sarah is the owner of The King Art Studio. She has dedicated her life to the Arts, and is a strong leader in the Arts community in Nevada.

“Art is a part of me, more than an aesthetic principle. It is a projection. It is an imprint of an emotion, thought, and intuition. It is the intangible, manifested and distributed in unlimited forms. The ability to enlighten beyond the restraints of simplex corporal expression. It is an inexplicable richness and infinite reserve.”

Sarah was nominated top 3 Artists in Nevada for Raw; Natural Born Artists, a national organization dedicated to promoting Artists across the country. 

Commissioned by the State of Nevada Arts Council Creating murals for the city.

Published illustrator and writer as well as magazines specific in the Arts.

Currently an active painter and art instructor, strongly supporting the arts community in Las Vegas; working with fellow artists on projects to promote culture and the arts in Nevada.

Check out Sarah’s Portfolio Website at The Art of Sarah King

To Watch Sarah’s Timelapse Videos Click Here