Your Children deserve the best. Creative Minds Equals Success

Introduce your child to the beauty of the Fine Arts! The King Art Studio offers a hands-on, interactive experience using real art supplies such as pastels, paints, canvas, paper, charcoal and more.

The Arts will help your child excel in academics, enjoy quality time, experience a better life, help with behavior challenges, better critical thinking and enhance their overall skills.

Kids can be as creative as they want while enjoying the freedom to explore different Art mediums.


The King Art Studio is ready to make your children shine!

So… put down those cell phones and video games and expose your children to the wonders of Art at The King Art Studio’s hip creative space.
We’re opening up our studio just for you! Your child can come and create their next masterpiece in our hip studio space, while enjoying unlimited access to the finest art materials.

Drawing pencils

Details and Prices:

  • Come in anytime: 10am-2pm Tuesday-Friday
    For just $20 per hour, the possibilities are endless!
    • 1 hour =$20
    • Sibling Discount: 20%
  • Includes: Use of our art studio and art supplies available to learn, create and be inspired.
    Access to different mediums to work and try: painting, pastels, drawing, sketching, free play, art education and so much more.
    • Experienced instructors that will guide and interact with your child for a fun artistic experience
    • Creative atmosphere in The King Art Studio’s creative and hip space.

Buy your time online now or call 702-522-1900

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