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“Art is a part of me, more than an aesthetic principle. It is a projection. It is an imprint of an emotion, thought, and intuition. It is the intangible, manifested and distributed in unlimited forms. The ability to enlighten beyond the restraints of simplex corporal expression. It is an inexplicable richness and infinite reserve.”


–Sarah Tiffany King


These words aptly describe the personality and thoughts of our owner, Sarah Tiffany King. A highly accomplished painter, she has devoted her life to the development of the fine arts. Born in Portland Oregon, Sarah has studied at the University of Las Vegas in Nevada and is now the proud holder of a BA in Fine Arts. She also has a Masters Degree in Education.


These exemplary qualifications, along with a deep passion for art has inspired Sarah to start The King’s Studio in Las Vegas. She also owns Best Painting Parties, a leading Paint and Sip undertaking in the state of Nevada; and is an influential leader in the Arts community in her locale. Both institutions aim at encouraging people to explore and discover their hidden talents via Sarah’s expertise, along with several professional Art instructors. She allows each aspiring artist the freedom to express themselves through art and spread their creative wings. In this way, she has helped many people to step into the wonderful realm of colors, hues and dreams.


Sarah has been nominated as one of the top 3 artists in Nevada state by Raw; Natural Born Artists, a national organization that has been set up with the sole aim of encouraging artists all over the country. You are likely to see many of Sarah’s murals across Las Vegas since the State of Nevada Arts Council had commissioned her to paint them for the city. And, that’s not all. She is also a frequent contributor and published illustrator in magazines that specialize in topics of interest in the art world. Sarah Tiffany King is closely involved with other artists and together with them, is working for the advancement of culture and arts in the state of Nevada.


Sarah’s work is also available for viewing on the Portfolio Website The Art of Sarah King and if you would like to be a part of the art classes she conducts; do check in with us at The King Art Studio.  Our representative will make all the relevant information available to you so you can sign up and check out what we have to offer.


To introduce your family and friends to the world of art, you can hold a painting party. For more details, check out Sarah’s Painting Parties Website at Best Painting Parties. You can also watch Sarah’s Timelapse Videos, simply Click Here.





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