New Year New Teachers! 2017!

Looking to get your children into Art?! express themselves, while learning from professional artists? Sadly, schools cut these programs which disallow our children to learn a soulful lesson. Art helps not only with concentration, but is also used as a therapy! The King Art Studio strives to create a comfortable environment where your child feels […]

Why Art?

Art is a phenomenal way to express your feelings. Its a wonderful way for kids to learn motor skills and are able to ficus on other academic classes in school. The King Art Studio strives to teach professional art instruction.   Our teacher obtain their degrees in the Arts, so you are not being taught […]

Now Accepting New Students!

The King Art Studio is now accepting new students for 2017! We specialize in Painting Drawing Graphic design Sculture   We have group lessons, joint lessons, and private one on one lessons! Come in today or call for more information! 702-522-1900

Spring Break Camp 2016!

Can you believe that spring break is just a couple of months away? The King Art Studio will be hosting our annual spring break camp this year, from March 21 to 25! That’s Monday thru Friday, 9am-1:30pm daily! We will be offering many fantastic activities for our kids to be involved with, just imagine how […]

Sculpture and Ceramics Classes at King Art Studio

Sculpture as a form of art dates back 25,000 years and among the first figures created by man was the Willendorf Venus discovered in Austria. Ceramics on the other hand probably evolved around 24,000 B.C. when humans first mixed clay with water and shaped it into different animal and human figurines. Later, they baked them […]