Painting Classes

Is your child demonstrating a love for Art? Specifically in painting? The King Art Studio is the ONLY studio of its kind, specializing in the visual arts. We teach with the best team in Henderson and Las Vegas. All of our instructors are working professional artists, who wish to teach our students the techniques one would learn at a college level.

Although, we have classes for every age, our proprietary curriculum is highly developed to ensure that our students are unlocking their fullest potential.

Like any Art school, we require a try out lesson to study our students’ strengths and then foster them. Many students are required to know how to draw as a prerequisite. This includes understanding:

Contour Lines
Highlights and Shadowing
Fundamentals of art and design
still life
Fundamentals of art and design
still life

This allows our students to go into painting with the basic knowledge of Art principles.
Painting classes will be comprised of:

Development of an Idea
Overall creativity
mixed media
tools and brush maintenance
Understanding Culture and Art History

Student Progression

Month 1-12

The King Art Studio also offers help with portfolio building whether you are looking to go into college courses or build a portfolio for an admission for a specialty school, or vocational school.

Many students in 12-14 years of age are working on their portfolios to attend schools such as LVA. Our instructors are here to help prepare students to achieve their goals.

From your first session; you can expect to create a traditional still life such as a plate of fruit. It is crucial to take ones time when painting, due to the many techniques that are necessary to progress. These techniques range from color theory, proportioning, design, and overall composition. Students are expected to work on various projects in order to achieve higher quality work and to build a professional portfolio.  Painting classes are a minimum of 4 classes per painting to achieve best results.

Our lessons are highly recommended for students who want to pursue a degree in fine art, or to attend an Art academy for high school and college. These portfolios are essential to get into such schools.

Painting Lessons at our Henderson Studio are tailored to students that want to make the most progress with their artistic skills, all the while taking full advantage of the lesson time.