Sculpture / Ceramics

Sculpture/Mixed Media Sculpture classes are for the purpose of creating a three dimensional figure such as a bust or figure. The classes are geared towards students who are interested in 3D design, by  utilizing a classic and not so traditional approach. We also use mixed media to create amazing environmentally friendly sculptures, while students let their imagination run wild.

Ceramics Ceramics is the ability to create pottery, such as plates, cups and vases, primarily using the coil method. These classes are great for all ages and can be expected to be accomplished in 4 lessons as it is time consuming with creation, drying time and decorating the finished product. These classes are great for one to develop their three dimension work. Students will utilize sculpting and ceramic tools to create and design their pieces.

More so, we offer mechanism principles as well as the use of mixed media such as: fabric, needle working, character design, wiring, etc. Muppet making is a fun and interactive way to learn the fundamentals of sculpture in a exciting and unique way.

This program is 3 months long. for ages 10 years and older.

$380 for all 3 months! once a week for an hour a week.

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