3 and 6 month tuition programs, special offer!
We are happy to announce our newest special offer to our clients! We have always offered our services on a monthly basis, and so many of our clients enjoy that flexibility. We are however going to offer special deals for those clients whom want to book 3 or 6 months of group classes.
There are several benefits to consider. Firstly, your day and time each week will be locked in throughout the duration of your booking, bringing you piece of mind. Our usual rescheduling will be available, according to studio policies. Additionally, the following FREE bonuses will apply:

**Book 3 Months of Group Classes**
Recieve a FREE one hour private class with the instructor of your choice. A $45 value!

**Book 6 Months of Group Classes**
Recieve a FREE two hour private class with the instructor of your choice, plus a $25 visa gift card! A $115 value!
Therefore, when you book in advance, and lock in your class times, you can get up to a $115 calue of FREE incentives! Utilize the free private sessions with the instructor of your choice to help develop specialty techniques, enjoying the benefits of one-on-one instructional time! Cotninue to enrich the lives of your kids with the wonders of the visual Arts. Its importance in development is immense!
For more information, please visit us at www.TheKingArtStudio.com, or call us at 702-522-1900.

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