Since 2013 we have been bringing professional level art instruction to our students. as the new year is upon us, we want to thank our students, their families, and the Henderson and Las Vegas communities for your ongoing support and trust in our guidance and fufulfillment of your child’s artistic developments.
We are committed to providing the absolute best quality and service to our students at each lesson. Our commitment continues through the employment of stellar art instructors, and an ability to understand the specific needs of our students. We commit to improve your child’s confidence in the arts, to advise them of options for specialty high schools and other vocational schools and programs, art colleges throughout the US, and other hands-on training opportunities available to them. We also assist in the creation of professional portfolios for submission to juried shows and other art contests. Together, we will make 2016 a wonderful year, one of great successes for our students, we are so very proud of them. To learn more about what we have to offer, please visit us online at, or call us at 702-522-1900 to discuss all of our programs.

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