wonderful news! Owner Sarah T. King of The King Art Studio was offered to be the artist in residency at the Clark County libraries. Sarah, having a BA in Fine Art and a MA in Education, will be teaching mediums at three different libraries in town in March and April. After creating her series ” Wonders Of The World” She will be teaching mediums in painting, drawing, and watercolor. These classes are limited to 15 people per class. Please check the Clark County library websites for more information.

This is a  huge honor as Sarah is very involved int eh Arts community in Las Vegas and Henderson. her studio only hires professional artists that either obtain degrees both Bachelors and masters degrees s, or are obtaining degrees in this field. The King Art Studio is also accepting new students for Spring and Summer of 2017!


Call us at 702-522-1900 or visit our website for more information: www.TheKingArtStudio.com




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