Have you ever watched your toddler work a smartphone or a tablet? You’re probably amazed by the fact that he/she can recognize and pick out icons that allow them to choose some music they like and pictures that interest them. If you have downloaded an age appropriate app., he/she will learn very quickly how to locate it and turn it on. This indicates that toddlers are able to take in, remember and use visual mediums. And, this is the perfect age to introduce your child to the awesome sphere of art.


At The King Art Studio, we understand how important art classes can be for the development of young minds in many ways and this is why, we hold arts and crafts classes regularly, call for more details. The different mediums of art that we expose your child to can help him/her develop motor skills by using safety scissors, handling a paint brush or learning to color using crayons. Later on, these motor skills will help him/her learn to write more easily.


Art lessons help kids make the connection between objects and words. And, this will help them pick up words and the nuances of language and pronunciation, easily. By drawing the objects and people, they see around them, they learn to communicate their interpretation and impression of the world around them. When presented with beads and sculpting clay, they learn visual-spatial skills. They learn to shape the clay into forms that interest them and choose the bead colors that they like best. Activities like these also help them learn how to work their way around situations they see and face. These problem-solving skills help them develop a keen analytic mind.


Kids that take art classes at a young age are more likely to excel at academics. They also develop a strong personality and a sense of confidence of themselves and their capabilities. They receive lots of gentle encouragement from the expert instructors that work with them at our art classes and when they see, their parents delight in their creations, that develops in them a feeling of pride and achievement.


Sign up your child for the art classes and give him/her a strong foundation for a balanced personality and successful academics later in life. It can possibly be the best gift you can give him/her. Contact us at The King Art Studio and we will let you know all about the amazing world of art. You might want to join in the art classes yourself too.

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