We are consistently working to offer new and innovative workshops for our students, for the purpose of having a more immersive and quality Art experience. On March 20, at 6 pm, we will be hosting a very unique Cosmic Painting Workshop, where we will be transforming the Studio with black lights, and creating paintings with the use of special paints and pastels, that illuminate under the black lights and glow! Our other special lighting effects and sound system create an awesome atmosphere for a unique and quality painting experience.
Your child is sure to have an absolute blast with the use of these special materials, learning about how to utilize their paints with this new media, sparking their creativity, and allowing them to expand their artistic skills, while having a great time!
Our expert Art instructor will guide each student through the process of properly utilizing these new materials, exploring the techniques necessary to create depth and realism within the painting, while experimenting with the very vibrant and bright colors being created under the black lights.
These new experiences are sure to create lasting impressions within the students, reminding them that the possibilities of how they can artistically express themselves are endless and the importance of trying different effects to achieve the look and feel they desire in an artwork.
These special Cosmic Painting Workshops are wonderful for Birthday Parties and other special events, if you are interested in having such an event, please contact us!

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