It is of great import to our culture at the King Art Studio to create lasting impressions with our students. Just as we create beautiful paintings and drawings on blank canvas, we strive to teach discipline, practice and instill confidence in our students that lasts, and stands the test of time. We are consistently amazed at the quality of work created by our students, a testament to our professional staff and the dedication of our students, and believe that through the Arts, we create a new channel of expressing thoughts, ideas, and concepts. Developing our children’s ability to be creative and to express themselves artistically will undoubtedly have a lasting effect, which will assist them in many different ways, from other school subjects, to projects and hobbies, to professional endeavors as they grow older.
The ability to create a vision of their own creation on blank canvases, to master the techniques necessary to produce masterful artwork, is a skill set requiring much practice, but with great personal reward.
We strive to mentor our students in the technical skills necessary to excel in their preferred medium of study, via our proprietary curriculums and courses, and wish to support them as they chart their own artistic course.
Please contact us at 702-522-1900 to schedule a private tour of our studio, and to learn more about how we are developing a passion for the Arts in our students, and how to get your children involved in our programs. Check us out online at

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