Are you interested in Art Classes? When you choose to work with the King Art Studio, you are choosing a company owned and operated by a professional fine artist, who will guide you step by step in each class, honing in on your skills, showing you techniques that will vastly improve your painting skills, and helping you to develop your style of painting that is uniquely yours. Rest assured that when you choose Art Classes with Las Vegas Art Lessons, you are choosing to be successful in the arts, and taking the necessary steps to develop into a master artist.

We pride ourselves in offering professional grade art classes, for an affordable price to all Las Vegas and Henderson residents. Looking for art lessons for your child? We offer alloted spots on a monthly basis to every student, so you know exactly when your classes will be. Your instructor is a 20 year veteran of painting, and you will learn incredible art tips and tricks, along with real technique, when you choose our services.

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