Please join the King Art Studio for our unique glass painting workshop! We will be teaching participants how to paint on glass surfaces, for a keepsake that is sure to be admired by the entire family!
We will be using specialty paints that adhere to glass after at-home baking, allowing the special designs to remain on the piece!
Students will have the choice of creating two wine glasses for parents, or a large caraffe. We will be creating bright, bold and stunning designs at this special worshop, and students will leave with a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind creation, made with their own artistic expression!
This special event will be hosted by one of our professional instructors, and we will walk each student step-by-step through the new steps necessary to create this exemplary piece of Art! we will also ensure that each student receives at-home baking instructions to set the paint properly. Join us for this upcoming workshop!
Please stay tuned! This will happen in April! We anticipate that seats will quickly sell out, please visit us online at and check out our calendar of events to reserve your seats today.

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