Our parent’s night out events have been a great success! We will be hosting another in March. Join us on March 18 at 7pm till 9m. We want you to drop the kids off with us, and go enjoy a special date, dinner or a fun night on the town! We will turn the studio into a lively party atmosphere, have great music playing, and will be hosting a painting party for the kids! Our professional artist will walk the kids step by step through the painting of the evening, they are sure to have a blast! We will be playing games too!
Imagine how much fun the kids will have at this special event, they are sure to be talking about what a great time they had for weeks to come!
It is so important for the kids to have such a fun and lively creative outlet. The artistic development is key, and is a much needed change from analytical learning, and is a wonderful activity to do in groups, with other like-minded youths!
Check out our calendar online at www.TheKingArtStudio.com and book your seats early, as they will surely sell out quickly. Treat the kids to a great night of fun, painting, learning and creativity while you go out on the town! We create different themed paintings at each event to ensure that the kids learn new techniques and learn to adapt their already acquired skills in new and exciting ways!

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