School will be closing for the summer break in a short few months and if you have been thinking about the best camps to enroll your kids where they can keep busy and spent their time constructively, your first choice should be the King Art Studio at Henderson, NV. We hold exciting art classes for kids of all ages so you can expose them to the world of art and culture. It’s never too young to be introduced to the medium of self-expression nor is any age too old. Art is the best way to bring out your creative side and this is what kids do with us.


We have a selection of art forms that kids can choose from including painting classes, drawing classes, graphic designing, sculpture and ceramics, and other specialty workshops. Choose the fine art classes that you believe you kids have a propensity for or choose one that they have never tried before so you can help uncover a hidden talent. Older kids and students planning a career in art moving forward can opt for the life drawing classes. Our camps will begin at 8:30 in the morning and carry on throughout the day up to 4:30 every evening, Monday through Friday.


All day you kids will be taking part in various cultural activities that are fun, exciting and at the same time educational. We have games, movies and other educational programs where your kids will learn a lot and also have a wonderful time mingling with kids their own age and making lots of new friends. The bonds they create will last them a lifetime since they are based on a mutual love of art. We have a team of expert instructors that are well-trained in guiding young minds and nimble fingers through the fundamentals of the art lessons they choose.


And our summer camps are exciting and fun week long sessions that will expose your children to the Arts, and help them make lasting friendships together with kids who share a love of the Arts. But, we would request that you book a seat for your kids well in advance since we only have limited seats at these camps. Watch, as your kids return to school with renewed enthusiasm and even as you find how art is helping them with their academics, you’ll know that introducing them to the world of art was possibly the best decision ever.


Click below to book your seat at one of our week long sessions! Let us tell you about all the exciting plans we have for your kids this spring break.


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