Welcome to King Art Studio. A place where interruptions seemingly do not exist. The constant alarms, notifications, and daily annoyances that take our focus away seem to stop right at our front door. Just imagine, a place where your children are completely engaged in their artwork, their minds focused and building new connections in the brain that are not occuring at our schools. Each of our students work on a particular part of their customized curriculum and develops their artistic talents, guided by our expert art instructors. King Art Studio is a place where when the interruptions from daily life stop, we are able to truly excel. One may find this hard to believe, however the only use for smart devices at our studio is to project paintings onto the TV! Imagine the incredible benefit you are bestowing upon your child. We posit, that these benefits are far-reaching. Please contact the studio to book an introductory class, and to experience these benefits for yourself.

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