Choosing the right art school is a very important decision. You are entrusting the education of yourself or your child to someone, you should get the absolute most for your money, and your time. As the owner ofKing Art Studio, I hold a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, and a Masters Degree in Education. I have put in the time and work in order to refine my skills, and be the absolute best teacher that I can be.

Joint Art Lessons

I continue to be an active Fine Artist in Las Vegas as well, painting regularly to further hone my skills, discover new techniques, and be a valuable resource for my students.

You will find that when you or your children attend art class with me, I will create a fun and exciting atmosphere, however, it will not just be a “painting anything” session. You will get real instruction on technique, style, approach, innovative ways of achieving what you desire on the canvas, all through my two decades of painting experience, and passion for the arts.

Learn more by browsing through my website,, or call me to further discuss our offerings, at 702-522-1900.

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