Have you ever wondered why your kids adore their video games and will prefer to play them even when offered other leisure activities? It is probably the creativity that draws them. Kids are challenged by looking for ways and tricks to advance to the next level and games make them think. What’s more? They present a challenge, and self-satisfaction when kids succeed in one level and move on to the next.


If you would like to foster this creative spirit in your kids, why not offer them the opportunity to learn real art in safe and educational surroundings? By taking the art classes at King Art Studio. The arts and crafts programs we offer include drawing, painting, paper mache, ceramics, and graphic designs. For older students looking to pursue a career in fine arts, we also have life drawing. We organize these programs at after-school times from 2:30pm to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday, so kids can enroll with us and attend regular school side by side.


Wean your kids away from video games and introduce them to a fun, exciting and hip creative world where they will receive tutoring and also assistance with their homework. There will be different art lessons everyday so kids are always learning something new and their creativity is challenged in diverse ways. We also give them time for snack breaks and some days are specially allocated for games and movies to add to the fun factor. When you see the happy, excited faces of your kids at the end of another fun-filled afternoon at the King Art Studio After School Programs, you’ll know you have made the perfect choice.


The biggest advantage your kids will have is the opportunity to mingle with other kids of their own age group and build lasting friendships based on their mutual love for art. It is a great way to build their self-confidence, and sense of satisfaction and pride when they display the art they have created themselves at home.


Check in with us at the King Art Studio and inquire about the daily, weekly and monthly programs we have. We also request that you book a seat for your child well in advance since we have only limited space. Sign up your child with our fine art classes and transport them into a world of beauty and art and watch their creativity give them that all-important extra edge with their academics also.

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