Why Art?

Why Art Matters By Mary Boone At a dinner party recently, someone asked me a surprising question. We had been discussing the global economic turmoil, when suddenly she turned to me, with genuine curiosity, and said “The world is in crisis. Jobs are being lost, wars are being fought. In this kind of environment, why […]

Spring Break Camp!

Are you ready for Spring Break? It is about that time where our kids will be out of school for the week in April in Clark County 9 month schools and some private schools. Why not offer your child the ability to learn something new? At our studio we create and inspire children to be […]

Why Art?

Art is a phenomenal way to express your feelings. Its a wonderful way for kids to learn motor skills and are able to ficus on other academic classes in school. The King Art Studio strives to teach professional art instruction.   Our teacher obtain their degrees in the Arts, so you are not being taught […]

Mommy and Me Day

Looking to explore your creative side with your children? Join The King Art Studio for a mommy and me day to learn the wonders of Art and inspiration! This is a great way for your young children to learn motor skills and for mothers to meet up and make lasting friendships! Call us today for […]

Now Accepting New Students!

The King Art Studio is now accepting new students for 2017! We specialize in Painting Drawing Graphic design Sculture   We have group lessons, joint lessons, and private one on one lessons! Come in today or call for more information! 702-522-1900

Looking to get your gifted student into Las Vegas Art Academy?!

Looking to help your child prepare for Las Vegas Art academy? The King Art Studio specializes in preparing our students for the assessment tests and the portfolio development. We ensure that your child is confident, prepared, and has quality artwork to show their talents! Call us today for more information, and look at our website […]

Prepare your child for success!

The king art Studio is offering 2 days a week, our 3-6 year old group art lessons! These classes are great for children to learn motor skills, color theory, the color wheel, and focus! Our goal is to provide a safe and unique learning environment for your child!   We offer painting and drawing! Please […]

Early Childhood development AGES 3-6!

The King Art Studio will begin early childhood development courses for children ages 3 to 6. Classes will be held weekly on Sundays, from __3_pm to __4_pm. These instructional courses will focus on the development of motor skills via the Arts, with sessions based around pencil, graphite and pastel drawing, mixed media projects, as well […]

Parents Night Out!

Our parent’s night out events have been a great success! We will be hosting another in March. Join us on March 18 at 7pm till 9m. We want you to drop the kids off with us, and go enjoy a special date, dinner or a fun night on the town! We will turn the studio […]

3-6 month Special offers!

3 and 6 month tuition programs, special offer! We are happy to announce our newest special offer to our clients! We have always offered our services on a monthly basis, and so many of our clients enjoy that flexibility. We are however going to offer special deals for those clients whom want to book 3 […]