Spring Break Camp!

Are you ready for Spring Break? It is about that time where our kids will be out of school for the week in April in Clark County 9 month schools and some private schools. Why not offer your child the ability to learn something new? At our studio we create and inspire children to be […]

Analytical vs. Emotional

analytical vs. emotional development It is widely accepted that the development of the emotional part of our brains helps to also grow many different aspects of our lives. In schools, our children are taught more often than not to focus on the analytical, the math, science, english, and other core subjects. There is, without doubt, […]

Parent’s Night Out!

New parents night out! after the great success of last months parents night out, we have just opened up a new date, on Jan 22  from 7pm-9pm! drop off the kids, and we will host an amazingly fun painting party event for them, that is 2 hours in length. We transform the studio into a […]

Special Event | Parent’s Night Out!

Need a little time for yourself? Have a date night? A girls night out? Let us help you out! The King Art Studio is offering a fun painting party for kids!  All ages are welcome! This party is step by step;  taught by one of our fantastic pro art instructors, we will be serving punch and cookies!  We […]

Art Classes for Preschoolers

You’ve probably heard a lot about how art can help your preschooler with academics later on and more important, how art can help your child develop motor and writing skills, and excel in the spoken language. At The King Art Studio, we understand that art can do much more than that. We offer art classes […]

Mommy & Me Art Classes

  As a mother, you are your child’s first and best teacher. She/he first learns to see the world through your eyes and emulates everything you do. Your are your child’s hero and everything you do is an amazing feat. This is why you should be the first to introduce her/him to the world of […]

Boy Scout Girl Scout Workshops

As boy scouts or girl scouts, is it time for your kids to earn their art badges? To earn these medals of honor, your kids need to fulfill a list of requirements. In case you’re wondering how to help your kids, look no further. You only need to sign up your kids for the Henderson […]

Professional Painting Classes

Painting as an art form is certainly as old as the evolution of humans and their desire to depict the world they saw around them in their own way. But side by side, also as old are the many techniques that have evolved over the centuries. The many masters and geniuses of the world of […]

How Art Classes can Teach Students Ethics and Patience

To get ahead in their careers, students need to get a good education, study hard and make sure they have the necessary qualifications to succeed in the field of their choice. However, aside from academic attributes, students also need to learn other principles that will assist them in their careers. Ethics and patience are two […]

Portfolio Building for Prospective College or Trade School Applications

Are you thinking of taking up Art as a full-time career? That’s wonderful. So then, you’re also looking around for the best art schools out there. Even as you’re submitting applications for the best art programs in universities or private schools, you must keep one very important factor in mind. To get admission in the […]