Painting as an art form is certainly as old as the evolution of humans and their desire to depict the world they saw around them in their own way. But side by side, also as old are the many techniques that have evolved over the centuries. The many masters and geniuses of the world of art created their own techniques that were recognizable as their signature styles. And at the King Art Studio we bring to you to the incredible painting styles that these masters perfected in the art classes you take with us. Study the nuances of brush strokes and the subtle trick of mixing the many hues of paints to create many more shades and colors.


When you begin painting classes with us, at first, you will be asked to capture a traditional image, that of a still life. The still life could be anything such as a vase, a plate of fruit, or any other inanimate object. Our instructors will be beside you all the way, showing you how to copy onto canvas the curves of the vases or fruit you see and depict the play of light so the picture comes to life in a three-dimensional way. This exercise helps our instructors assess the skills you possess so they can further nurture them to perfection.


Next, you will move on to landscapes. You can bring in a reference picture and work on it for about 4 classes. You can complete these classes in a month’s time by taking one every week. It is always advisable to be patient so you can pick up advanced techniques such as color theories, proportioning, designing, and composition. As you advance your skills at our Henderson art classes, you will be able to produce higher quality work.


Students looking to get admission into an art academy for high school and college need to create a varied portfolio that must be submitted with the admission request. The portfolio projects their skills and also their dreams for the future. At the King Art Studio, we help them put together this all-important admission criteria. The painting classes they take help them further develop their artistic styles and make complete use of the time they spend with us.


Sign up with the King Art Studio today and let us cultivate the hidden talent within all of you.

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