Home-school Art Blog

If you have chosen to home-school your kids, depending on the state where you live, you might have to submit portfolios for reviewing. Some states also make it mandatory for kids to take the standard tests at regular intervals so they can earn the necessary credits. Art classes are an essential part of any school’s […]

We spent the day at the Winchester Kids Festival

Today The King Art Studio team spent the day at the Winchester Kids Festival! It was packed with all kinds of different vendors, from food vendors ranging from specialty BBQ all the way to fried Oreos! Many other companies also attended as vendors, and there were approximately 2,000 kids in attendance! We arrived early at […]

New Studio Location!!

At the King Art Studio, we would like to thank our valued clients for their amazing response to our painting classes. And to cater to this tremendous response, we have moved to a bigger and better location in the heart of Henderson, NV.   Up until last week, our owner and expert artist, Sarah Tiffany […]

Professional Painting Classes

Painting as an art form is certainly as old as the evolution of humans and their desire to depict the world they saw around them in their own way. But side by side, also as old are the many techniques that have evolved over the centuries. The many masters and geniuses of the world of […]

Drawing Classes at King Art Studio

The art of drawing is the illustration of the world as the artist views it. It is a well-known fact the humans evolved the technique of creating pictures on cave walls even before they developed a script for the language they used. The Egyptian hieroglyphs are actually a series of images with each denoting a […]

Sculpture and Ceramics Classes at King Art Studio

Sculpture as a form of art dates back 25,000 years and among the first figures created by man was the Willendorf Venus discovered in Austria. Ceramics on the other hand probably evolved around 24,000 B.C. when humans first mixed clay with water and shaped it into different animal and human figurines. Later, they baked them […]

Our Student Received Dan Leach Memorial Fund Scholarship

The Dan Leach Memorial Fund, based in Boulder City in the state of Nevada is a prestigious organization that awards grants to deserving young people who are looking for an opportunity to develop their sports or artistic skills. Students in the K-12 grade can apply for funding so they can learn to play a sport […]

Painting Classes for Seniors

At King Art Studio, we believe that painting is an expression of the self and artists draw upon their innermost feelings and experiences to create images on canvas. And this belief is why we think that art is possibly the best channel for seniors. They have a lifetime of experiences to share with the younger […]

Private Art Lessons

Everyone has a creative side hidden away, that yearns to be discovered. If you are considering taking your painting skills to the next level, or you have realized that your child has the potential and talent to go places with painting, sign up for private painting classes at King Art Studio in Henderson.   Let’s first […]

Why Art is Beneficial for All Ages

Creativity is not restricted by age. Las Vegas Art Lessons offers Henderson art classes to students of all ages, assisting students harness their artistic skills and explore the arts to learn new and improved techniques. Las Vegas Art Lessons students range from 5 years old to the young age of 85 years!   In today’s […]