The Dan Leach Memorial Fund, based in Boulder City in the state of Nevada is a prestigious organization that awards grants to deserving young people who are looking for an opportunity to develop their sports or artistic skills. Students in the K-12 grade can apply for funding so they can learn to play a sport or to dance or sing. Students also apply for grants to learn to play an instrument or participate in art classes.


At King Art Studio, we are proud to announce that one of our students has been awarded a grant by this institution for six months of painting lessons. The Dan Leach Memorial Fund believes that kids who are engaged in creative and community activities will one day become successful in whatever career path they choose and will also be balanced, healthy adults. We agree completely and would like more youngsters to explore their creative sides.


The painting classes kids take help them to learn the values of sharing and assisting one another. They also learn to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of their peers which is a healthy attitude to grow with. The feelings of achievement and success that arise from the satisfaction they experience in their efforts contribute to developing their self-esteem and self-worth. All these factors add to the personality development of the kids and provide a sturdy base for their adult lives.


Art helps kids express themselves and communicate using the visual aids of colors and canvas. Watch them create forms on the canvas and understand their deep down feelings and emotions. Art is a safe, streamlined channel through which kids can release these emotions. At King Art Studio, we understand that there is a distinction between a natural aptitude for art and creativity. Allowing kids to be creative allows them to choose the colors that appeal to them and the forms they want to project. Parents and caregivers looking to help kids with any difficult life phases they are going through can use the medium of art at Las Vegas painting classes to understand them.


Enroll your child today at King Art Studio and present them with an awesome platform to develop the vital skills they need to one day become integrated and productive members of their community.



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