Mommy & Me Art Classes

  As a mother, you are your child’s first and best teacher. She/he first learns to see the world through your eyes and emulates everything you do. Your are your child’s hero and everything you do is an amazing feat. This is why you should be the first to introduce her/him to the world of […]

Our Artist Workshops

Picture an exciting world of art where all the artists work together to hone their skills to perfection under the expert guidance of qualified instructors. When you enroll in an artist workshop with us, you will be immersed in an atmosphere where there are constant, informal discussions about art with lots of brilliant ideas being […]

Our Student Received Dan Leach Memorial Fund Scholarship

The Dan Leach Memorial Fund, based in Boulder City in the state of Nevada is a prestigious organization that awards grants to deserving young people who are looking for an opportunity to develop their sports or artistic skills. Students in the K-12 grade can apply for funding so they can learn to play a sport […]

Painting Classes for Seniors

At King Art Studio, we believe that painting is an expression of the self and artists draw upon their innermost feelings and experiences to create images on canvas. And this belief is why we think that art is possibly the best channel for seniors. They have a lifetime of experiences to share with the younger […]

Art and Creative Thinking in the Real World

Studies today have revealed that even the most seemingly ordinary people have an innate creative side to their personalities, yet they can go through their entire lifetime without developing and tapping into this amazing source of energy. At King Art Studio, we believe that by exploring this facet of your persona, you will be able […]

Private Art Lessons

Everyone has a creative side hidden away, that yearns to be discovered. If you are considering taking your painting skills to the next level, or you have realized that your child has the potential and talent to go places with painting, sign up for private painting classes at King Art Studio in Henderson.   Let’s first […]

Why Art is Beneficial for All Ages

Creativity is not restricted by age. Las Vegas Art Lessons offers Henderson art classes to students of all ages, assisting students harness their artistic skills and explore the arts to learn new and improved techniques. Las Vegas Art Lessons students range from 5 years old to the young age of 85 years!   In today’s […]