Creativity is not restricted by age. Las Vegas Art Lessons offers Henderson art classes to students of all ages, assisting students harness their artistic skills and explore the arts to learn new and improved techniques. Las Vegas Art Lessons students range from 5 years old to the young age of 85 years!


In today’s world of high level academics, kids are under tremendous pressure to study and do well in all fields of study. The Arts acts like a great stress reliever and gives kids an important outlet to express themselves that utilizes their creative minds rather than mathematical reasoning. Studies have shown that when kids are given the opportunity to unwind with art lessons after a hard day at school, they understand and learn their subjects better, and can better recall the lessons of the day. They can improve on their math and reading skills because art boosts their creativity and imagination. It also teaches them to be patient and focused.


In the same way, art helps adults cope with the pressures of fast-paced living and painting is a perfect way to let go of the stress and unwind. When you choose us for your Art Classes in Las Vegas, there are no pressures to perform well and live up to the boss’s expectations or meet deadlines. There is only a serene atmosphere, the expert instruction of renowned fine artist Sarah Tiffany King with canvases, acrylics and oils, as you are guided through the rudiments of painting, learning technique and building skill with each lesson.


Senior citizens find that painting classes have therapeutic benefits, and can be a wonderful activity to fill a day with joy. Seniors can also bring home their artworks and continue to work on their artworks at home. The arts have been attributed to improving memory, as well as motor skills.


Interested in learning more? All you need to do is contact us and we will set up an introductory private lesson for you. During this introductory course, we will ascertain your artistic skill levels, and create a custom plan for you that meets all of your needs, and exceeds your expectations. You will love the ambience of our art studio, which is very tranquil and inspiring. Even if you have never held a paint brush in your hand before, you will progress quickly under the expert instruction that we provide.


Having trained extensively with a Master’s in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Sarah is the perfect person to introduce you to the awesome world of art. Call us today at 702-522-1900 or send us an email to begin your journey of the arts.






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