If you have chosen to home-school your kids, depending on the state where you live, you might have to submit portfolios for reviewing. Some states also make it mandatory for kids to take the standard tests at regular intervals so they can earn the necessary credits. Art classes are an essential part of any school’s curriculum and while you might be able to educate your child in other courses, art needs special instruction. At The King Art Studio, we understand that you could be looking for expert instructors that have the necessary degrees in Art and imparting Education and are qualified to teach your child.

Accordingly, we have a special program designed for kids being home-schooled and students of all ages are welcome to sign up. We customize the art classes according to the curriculum your state or school needs you to cover. An additional benefit? The Henderson art lessons that your kids take with us will develop confidence in them. They also learn to concentrate and this will help them pick up the other courses better. We create for them the ideal learning environment where art is not only a fun activity but is also taken seriously, at the same time. Kids are encouraged to explore their creative skills and express themselves.homeschool programs

At The King Art Studio, we have a range of art classes that your kids can take part in. They can take up painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpting, and watercolors on canvas or paper. They are free to choose the medium that appeals best to them and the expert instruction that we provide helps their artistic skills to thrive. We also make available to them professional fine art high-quality materials that are non-toxic and absolutely safe to use. And, did we mention? We have a college-level proprietary curriculum for our students to progress with.

Your kids will not only earn credits, and learn art, but they will also be able to make lots of friends with kids their own age sharing common interests. So, you see, our Las Vegas art classes can help your kids in more ways than one. However, please do keep in mind that we need you to reserve seats for your kids at our classes. Call us or contact us at The King Art Studio and we will help you with all the detailed information you need.

 Check out this page for more information about our Home-school programs: https://www.thekingartstudio.com/homeschool-program/

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