Amazing Art Birthday Parties

Having a birthday is an exciting time in a child’s life and every kid looks forward to having a fun party with all his/her friends around, cake, activities, games and of course, little favors and thank you notes to be handed out when the little guests are leaving. As a parent, you want to give […]

Open Art Studio Blog

Watching your kids spend so much time with video games and cellphones, you’ve probably thought to yourself what you can do to divert their attention to more constructive activities. If you’ve wanted to involve them in an activity where they will develop their talents and polish their artistic skills, we have the perfect solution for […]

Drawing Classes from King Art Studio

Are you interested in drawing classes? When you choose to work with the King Art Studio, you are choosing an Art school dedicated to teaching you the techniques necessary to build your drawing skills. We have created a proprietary curriculum map to first assess your drawing level, and then apply a custom lesson plan that […]

Drawing Classes at King Art Studio

The art of drawing is the illustration of the world as the artist views it. It is a well-known fact the humans evolved the technique of creating pictures on cave walls even before they developed a script for the language they used. The Egyptian hieroglyphs are actually a series of images with each denoting a […]

Sculpture and Ceramics Classes at King Art Studio

Sculpture as a form of art dates back 25,000 years and among the first figures created by man was the Willendorf Venus discovered in Austria. Ceramics on the other hand probably evolved around 24,000 B.C. when humans first mixed clay with water and shaped it into different animal and human figurines. Later, they baked them […]

Art and Creative Thinking in the Real World

Studies today have revealed that even the most seemingly ordinary people have an innate creative side to their personalities, yet they can go through their entire lifetime without developing and tapping into this amazing source of energy. At King Art Studio, we believe that by exploring this facet of your persona, you will be able […]

Art Lesson Gift Cards | The Perfect Holiday Gifts!

Looking for new and unique gifts for friends and loves ones this Christmas season? How about a gift card from the King Art Studio?? You can choose the amount of the Gift Card that you desire, and choose whether to send it to yourself to forward on, or email it directly to the recipient! We […]