Amazing Art Birthday Parties

Having a birthday is an exciting time in a child’s life and every kid looks forward to having a fun party with all his/her friends around, cake, activities, games and of course, little favors and thank you notes to be handed out when the little guests are leaving. As a parent, you want to give […]

Open Art Studio Blog

Watching your kids spend so much time with video games and cellphones, you’ve probably thought to yourself what you can do to divert their attention to more constructive activities. If you’ve wanted to involve them in an activity where they will develop their talents and polish their artistic skills, we have the perfect solution for […]

Drawing Classes from King Art Studio

Are you interested in drawing classes? When you choose to work with the King Art Studio, you are choosing an Art school dedicated to teaching you the techniques necessary to build your drawing skills. We have created a proprietary curriculum map to first assess your drawing level, and then apply a custom lesson plan that […]

New Studio Location!!

At the King Art Studio, we would like to thank our valued clients for their amazing response to our painting classes. And to cater to this tremendous response, we have moved to a bigger and better location in the heart of Henderson, NV.   Up until last week, our owner and expert artist, Sarah Tiffany […]

Life Drawing Classes

Life drawing, also called figure drawing, is the art of depicting the human form in different poses and shapes using various mediums such as chalk, pastel colors, crayons, charcoal, wax color pencils, graphite pencils, markers, inked brushes, and pen and ink, among others. The Life Drawing at the King Art Studio will introduce you to […]

Clark County School District Cuts Arts Programs Across The Board

It’s just $17 per child. But add that up and the Clark County School Board will be cutting $5.4 million out of the education fund for this year. This news spells a further setback for schools in the district that are struggling to educate the over 318,000 children by resorting to options like having class […]