Life drawing, also called figure drawing, is the art of depicting the human form in different poses and shapes using various mediums such as chalk, pastel colors, crayons, charcoal, wax color pencils, graphite pencils, markers, inked brushes, and pen and ink, among others. The Life Drawing at the King Art Studio will introduce you to this exceptional form of art. A very traditional form of drawing, it was also used by the masters and is an exercise in being able to study carefully and project onto canvas the human form you see in front of you.


Life drawing can either highly detailed and anatomically accurate representations or they can be rough, yet expressive depictions. Some others are simply sketches created as preparation for more advanced work such as painting. A live nude model will be presented before you along with a collection of props such as chairs, and drapes under diverse lighting conditions. Our expert instructor will assist you in your efforts and at the end of the drawing classes provide you with the constructive criticism that will help you further perfect your technique.


The King Art Studio Art Classes are very essential for students looking to get into a good art school or academy and pursue a degree in fine arts or a career as an animator. You will be required to submit a portfolio with life drawing images along with your application. And we can help you create this all-important portfolio under the professional guidance you need. These drawing lessons can also help students looking to study sculpture, portraiture, and other diverse fields including medical anatomy.


We have set up our company calendar, and you can now book your seats online. We recommend pre-purchasing your seat in advance since we have only limited seating, and they fill up quickly. Sign up with our Art studio today and explore your creative talents.



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