Spring Break Camp!

Are you ready for Spring Break? It is about that time where our kids will be out of school for the week in April in Clark County 9 month schools and some private schools. Why not offer your child the ability to learn something new? At our studio we create and inspire children to be […]

Artist in residency! Owner Sarah King of The King Art Studio!

wonderful news! Owner Sarah T. King of The King Art Studio was offered to be the artist in residency at the Clark County libraries. Sarah, having a BA in Fine Art and a MA in Education, will be teaching mediums at three different libraries in town in March and April. After creating her series ” […]

New Year New Teachers! 2017!

Looking to get your children into Art?! express themselves, while learning from professional artists? Sadly, schools cut these programs which disallow our children to learn a soulful lesson. Art helps not only with concentration, but is also used as a therapy! The King Art Studio strives to create a comfortable environment where your child feels […]

Analytical vs. Emotional

analytical vs. emotional development It is widely accepted that the development of the emotional part of our brains helps to also grow many different aspects of our lives. In schools, our children are taught more often than not to focus on the analytical, the math, science, english, and other core subjects. There is, without doubt, […]

Special Event | Parent’s Night Out!

Need a little time for yourself? Have a date night? A girls night out? Let us help you out! The King Art Studio is offering a fun painting party for kids!  All ages are welcome! This party is step by step;  taught by one of our fantastic pro art instructors, we will be serving punch and cookies!  We […]

How Art Classes can Teach Students Ethics and Patience

To get ahead in their careers, students need to get a good education, study hard and make sure they have the necessary qualifications to succeed in the field of their choice. However, aside from academic attributes, students also need to learn other principles that will assist them in their careers. Ethics and patience are two […]

Clark County School District Cuts Arts Programs Across The Board

It’s just $17 per child. But add that up and the Clark County School Board will be cutting $5.4 million out of the education fund for this year. This news spells a further setback for schools in the district that are struggling to educate the over 318,000 children by resorting to options like having class […]

Painting Classes for Seniors

At King Art Studio, we believe that painting is an expression of the self and artists draw upon their innermost feelings and experiences to create images on canvas. And this belief is why we think that art is possibly the best channel for seniors. They have a lifetime of experiences to share with the younger […]

Art and Creative Thinking in the Real World

Studies today have revealed that even the most seemingly ordinary people have an innate creative side to their personalities, yet they can go through their entire lifetime without developing and tapping into this amazing source of energy. At King Art Studio, we believe that by exploring this facet of your persona, you will be able […]

Interative For All Ages

Think that kids don’t need the arts in the 21st century? Think again. With all of the school cuts of the arts, loss of interactive and creative time in schools, art classes are becoming more and more important to find as a resource for kids and adults alike. No matter what your age, you can […]